Helping Hands


The Roseland HSA has a Helping Hands Program available for all Noecker families. Knowing situations may arise that are temporarily disadvantageous, Helping Hands is prepared and willing to coordinate with local organizations like the Roseland HSA, Roseland Relief Fund, Roseland Recreation Department, and local churches and temples to provide services for the families in our Noecker community such as:


  • Support for participation in Roseland Recreation and Roseland community activities
  • Support for participation in Religious Education classes
  • Support for participation in HSA-related events
  • Gift card donations
  • Food donations
  • Clothing donations

Tamara Gesario ( and Annamaria Bellino (, co-chairs of the Helping Hands committee, look forward to anonymously and confidentially serving those in need of assistance. If you are a family in need or wish to help a family in need, please contact Tamara and Annamaria, the Roseland HSA, or any member of the school regarding the Helping Hands program. All family information is completely confidential.